Thank you, black pill.

Sezione per parlare delle nostre esperienze da uomini sotto la media estetica, e ricevere consigli e conforto
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Thank you, black pill.

Post by Hoppe » 15 Jul 2019 17:53

Aside from seeing women (and people for that matter) for who they truly are, is that you completely avoid the fakeness, the charade that is the beta provider relationship.

When women look at you, they know within the space of a milisecond (and let's be honest, it's probably less than that), whether you'll be considered for sex (attraction) or to provide.

Like most of you, we're not attractive enough for sex, and we refuse to provide, so we are useless to them.

No amount of pity, no amount of "I feel bad for you" is going to make them any more attracted to you. It just doesn't work.

ITs tagline is "...because hating women will get you laid."


Being attractive is what gets you laid. Without attraction, you can't have sex (and if you's going to suck). It has fuck all to do with personality.

Being blackpilled means you have the awareness to avoid the ills of being a beta provider. You avoid the fakeness, the charade of a relationship with a woman that has no mutual attraction, and this is what I'm thankful for.

You can't fake attraction.

I may be unattractive, but I'm not a fool. Thank you, black pill.
31. Essere belli è uno dei requisiti fondamentali per avere una vita degna di essere vissuta.

What is really striking about the upper echelons of any society is how good looking, tall and healthy everyone is. That's of course money, time to work out, a good education, good healthcare AND most importantly, marring the right people from the right background.

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